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You’ve been watching the car wash down the road looking at all of the cars lined up on weekends when you want to wash your car and think this is an easy way to make money. Firstly, there is no easy way to make money. Secondly, remember even if you built right next door to this busy wash, you’re not going to gain all of the business. There are a couple of significant obstacles to overcome if you decide this is your investment strategy, primarily identifying a suitable site and then being able to finance the project. Ignoring land cost, most car wash sites involve a capital investment of at least $500,000 and up to $3 or $4 million to develop, depending on the size and style of wash you have in mind.

National Car Wash Sales will help you determine the type of wash you want to build based on the population and demographic in your area. Hand washes use less equipment but have very high wage expenses which are always going to increase along with the challenge of recruiting, training and retaining staff. This opens the discussion on what type of equipment model is right for your application. There are a few basic categories you can use as definitions although there can be many variations to these models.

  • IN BAY AUTOMATIC: these are machines which typically pass back and forth over the vehicle while the vehicle remains stationary in the wash bay and the consumer remains in the vehicle. There are different styles of automatic wash equipment.

  • SELF SERVE: this is the least expensive equipment option, where consumers pay for the amount of time they use the equipment but provide their own labor. 

  1. Touchless. The vehicle is washed by applying detergent and then a sequence of high-pressure passes. Other functions such as wax are also applied and some machines also have a high-velocity blower to dry the vehicle.

  2. Friction. There are various types of friction material available, needless to say some form of rotating friction material touches the vehicle to perform the cleaning.

  3. Hybrid. These are machines which use a combination of both touchless and friction washing.

  • IN BAY AUTOMATIC & SELF SERVE: a combined facility using both of the above equipment.

  • CONVEYERISED TUNNEL WASH: (can be hand wash, touchless high pressure and or friction models) these are generally long wash bays with either a conveyor chain or wide flat belt which transports the vehicle through the wash “tunnel”. There are three common categories of tunnel washes.

  1. Full Service: typically, the customer is not in the vehicle and the site may offer a coffee lounge or be waiting area while the service is provided. The service generally offers several menu choices from basic “valet” up to “full detail” with prices varying accordingly.

  2. Flex Serve: the consumer has the option of choosing a quick “wash only” function or usually “fast detail” options are available.

  3. Express Tunnel: aimed at rapid wash times and a quick in and out method for consumers. DIY vacuums are sometimes offered free with these facilities.



To put it simply, do your homework.

We recommend you to join the Australian Car Wash Association (ACWA). Many operators decide to do this after they’ve commenced business, when in fact in the early stages you can receive mountains of practical information by attending regional meetings and interacting with existing operators. There is also a bi-annual Trade Show and Expo for the industry in Australia and a huge International Carwash Association Expo in the United States every year. Network with existing operators and their experiences.  The car wash industry is one of the friendliest industries around.

We will also help you conducting a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of your area and your competitors, pay attention to which sites are busy and which ones are not, price points for services, physical appearance, and the room to grow or change.  Studying your future competitors will not only deepen your understanding of the car wash business but will also prepare you to shape an offering that allows you to compete effectively. We will provide you training for the day to day operation of the car wash on different sites.


What National Car Wash Sales offers you?

Site Layout Drawings
Power Layout
Plumbing Layout

Floor Plans


National Car Wash Sales (NCWS) is a One-Stop-Shop


We will do all the hard work for you, and take off the huge burden off your shoulders.

NCWS was established in 2013 an are specialists in helping clients buying, selling, leasing, & developing commercial car washes Australia wide. We are flexible and adaptable and we are known for our expertise and understanding in car wash industry.


Services NCWS can provide:

  1. NCWS can help you find the right block of land which will be suitable for a Car Wash in your preferred area.

  2. We will help you determine the type of wash suitable according to population and demographics.

  3. We will support you with your business plan and provide you with approximate industry turnover.

  4. NCWS can also help you with the planning of your car wash design in order to extract the maximum benifits for a trouble free operation for future years.

  5. Provide range of information from bay width to the size of the outlet pipe, all the information required for the plumber and electricians to accurately complete their works.

  6. Organise all the construction works and oversee the whole project.

  7. Help you choose the best & suitable equipment for your site. .

  8. Installation of all the equipments.

  9. We can also assist with recommendation of branding, advertising and signage for your car wash site.

  10. NCWS can also provides training for day to day operation of a Car Wash which includes: Cash Managment, Managing staff, Service and Maintainence an a lot more.