Cranbrook Car Wash

Business with Long 19 Year Lease

470 - 474 Ross River Road, Cranbrook QLD 4814



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Cranbrook Car Wash (Business) is been offered for sale with the existing lease.


Asking Price : $1,100,000

Current Lease Terms

  • Lease Term: 10 Years (expiring 21 December 2030)

  • Option Period: 5 Years + 5 Years

  • Current Rent: $103,500.00 Plus GST/Per Annum

  • Annual Increases: 3.5%

  • Brank Guarantee: 6 Months Rent Plus GST

Ideal for Owner Operator.

Cranbrook Car Wash is one of the Townsville's best-known and best-positioned car washes. It is located at 470-474 Ross River Road, Cranbrook, Queensland 4814 which is one of the busiest arterial roads, with an average daily traffic volume in excess of 20,000 cars.

The business was established fifteen years ago and has had three owners since the start (including the current owner). The site was quite run down when purchased by the current owner in December 2020 but has been entirley refurbished and rebranded since then.  


This site is equipped with: 

  • 1 Washworld 'Razor' Touchless Automatic

  • 1 Note/ Coin/ Card Auto Entry System

  • 1 Dilling & Harris Vendmaster

  • 4 - Self-Servr Bays (Mark 7)

  • 1 x Dog Wash

  • 1 x Mark 7 RO System

  • Twin Pump x 15 Manifold LP Changeover

  • Triple Regulated 10 Manifold Air Feeds/ Pump Supply

  • 1 x Water Softener

  • 4 x Funnel Fed Vaults

  • 4 x JE Adams Vacuums

  • 16 Stainless Steel Mat Clamps

  • 4 x In-Bay Master Menu

  • 1 Fragmatics Fragrance Machine

  • 1 Raypack Boiler System (not in use)

  • 1 Medtron Note/ Coin Changer

  • 1 Twin Piston 3 Phase Compressor

  • Assorted Site Signage

  • 1 Exterior Music System

  • 8 'Dome' Security Cameras and CCTV monitoring system

  •  2 x 2000 Ltr Spot-Free Water Holding Tanks

  • 1 Fully Furnished Site Office including Computer, Printer, Microwave, Fridge and Appliances

The current owner is a genuine seller who has other business commitments in Ireland that he
wishes to focus on.



Click to Download an Expressions of Interest Form to Submit your Offer, Terms & Conditions for the Purchase of Proposed Car Wash